James Bond

For the Ultimate James Bond Experience, simply select from the list below, to create the perfect 007 themed event. Surely Bassey's James Bond Spectacular can be made up of any of the following...

The show with the midas touch! Dame Shirley Bassey tribute performing 007 classics, such as Goldfinger, Diamonds Are Forever & Moonraker etc, plus meet & greet with guests following the performance, together with:

  1. Her fabulous Bond Saxophonist, covering all the 007 numbers for early evening/reception drinks, and/or, accompanying Dame Shirley during her full show.
  2. Your Bond lookalike of choice: Sean Connery, Daniel Craig, Pierce Brosnan
  3. Your Bond lookalike Villain(s): Jaws, Oddjob, Blofeld
  4. Dancers/Bond Girls, for meet & greet, along with show performance
  5. Casino Tables & Croupiers
  6. Aston Martin Car
  7. Professional Stunt Team
  8. Red Carpet Entrance
  9. Full 007 Venue/Room Themeing

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This show has been thrilling corporate and private clients alike, resulting in performances all over Europe, The Middle East and the USA! Surely Bassey has also performed at a 'REAL' James Bond event in Prague. It was to celebrate the last day of filming the Bond film 'Casino Royale' in the Prague location and to launch the Bond DVD's. The event was for MGM & SONY and was held in one of Europe's most luxury casinos 'Spearmint'. Some of the actual actors from the film were there. The cast and crew were then moving onto the Bahamas before finishing filming in Pinewood Studios UK. See comment below.

"Thanks so much for coming, everyone really enjoyed your performance, and it really made the night go with a swing!" Liz West, MGM organiser - Los Angeles

Simply fill in the contact form, for a quote for the Dame Shirley Bassey show, with any combination of the above. Nobody Does It Better!

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